Lights wont go off

We are on a cross country road trip. 2007 toyota sienna. check oil light came on, as well as vsc and trac off lights. we added oil, and cleared the codes but the lights are still on. help!

going to have to go somewhere to get those codes read to find out what the problem is. Post he exact codes back here and folks here can help.

How much oil did you add? how low was it?

Perhaps you mean the check engine light is on. The Powertrain control module has detected a fault, you will need a scan tool to read the faults.

On many models (like Toyota), if the ECU detects a problem then the traction control and vsc are turned off.

You need to determine what the codes are. Have them read, or buy a reader.

Does a Toyota Sienna actually have a “check oil” light?
It definitely has a low oil pressure light, and it may have a low oil level light, but I seriously doubt if it has a light for “check oil”.

However, just like all other modern vehicles, it does have a “Check Engine” light, and when that is lit-up, certain ancillary functions such as VSC, traction control, and–possibly–Cruise Control are disabled until the underlying problem is rectified.