2002 Toyota Highlander - CEL, VSC, Trac Control Off Lights all on

Dash board warning engine check light (faulty sensor?),VSC light and Trac Off lights are all on at same time. This happens for a week or so and everything returns to normal then the warning lights come back on. Should I continue driving my vehicle under these conditions which I have been for a few months or see my mechanic? My vehicle is a 2002 Toyota Highlander approx 135000 miles.

If you want your traction control, vehicle stability to work you should take it in. The check engine light will come on with these faults, but no way of knowing until you have it checked out. There may be other issues.

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You could have the codes read for free at most chain auto parts store and post them back here.

Do what purebred says, have the codes read. Ill tell you this, my moms Highlander popped all those lights because of a LOOSE GAS CAP. Toyotas of that vintage seems to turn all those on together as a package deal.