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Toyota sequoia brake and traction control dashboard lights

We have a 2004 Toyota Sequoia SR5 with 32,000 miles. It was perfect till last week.

My wife, who takes our younger son to preschool every day, notices that when you start the car in the morning and relese the parking brake, the brake light stays on, although the brake is released and the car drives fine. About 3-5 minutes the brake light goes away, but ibstead the yellow lights for the traction control and stability control comes on and stays on, but the vehicle drives and brakes fine as usual.

When she turnes the engine off, after 5 minutes (to drop our son at the preschool), and when she restsrts it again none of the lights light up again and everything is fine for the rest of the day till next morning, when the process repeats itself.

I verified the situation this weekend, and I wonder if anybody had been in a similar situation.

Any suggestions are welcome.



Check to see if the brake fluid level is low.

The ABS and Traction Control lights on my 98 Windstar stayed on when one of the wheel sensors (exciter ring) came loose on the CV axle. Check the ABS sensor connectors on each wheel. Also check the tire pressures, one tire with low pressure might be enough to confuse the ABS/Traction Controls.

Ed B.

I have had this happen on my 2005 sequoia several times. I call they tell me to bring it in. Then they can’t find anything. I have looked on line and it seems that many people have problems. The first problem I had was in Oct of 2008 when there was under 10,000 miles on it. From my research Toyota tends to fix it with expensive sensors often costing over $1,500 and up… I will be taking it in again and will let you know if they do anything.