I have a problem with my traction, abs, anti-skid, and emergency brake lights. They all remain on during the drive of my '02 Toyota Sequoia. What does this indicate? Just had all four tires changed after some bad weather here in south texas.


They all indicate problems with the electronic controls for each of these features, except the brake light. This is probably indicating low brake fluid. For the others, have the system scanned for codes to determine the problems.

BTW, when the lights are on, traction control, and abs are de-activated. The brakes will still work as normal, just without these features kicking in when appropriate.


A disconnected/loose ABS wheel sensor can set off all those lights.


[b]If the primary brake warning light comes on for any reason, such as for low fluid in the system, or if there’s an actual problem with the primary brake system, the ABS light will automatically come on. Since the ABS, traction control, stability control are all tied together, if the ABS light comes on, these other lights will also come on.

If you can determine as to why the primary brake warning light is on, and have that problem fixed, the other system warning lights should turn off.