My 2001 Ford Windstar is the best car I have owned and now there are two lights coming on at the same time I think they are about the brakes but I’m not sure what to do about it. What can tis be? Thanks, Elizabeth

Look in your owner’s manual to see exactly what those 2 lights mean.

Have you checked the brake fluid level?

Elizabeth, It’s Not Clear From Here What’s Going On With The Lights.

Do you have an Auto Zone or Advance Auto Parts or a national chain type auto parts store near you ? Call and see if they offer a free service that involves them coming out to your car in their parking lot and retrieving any trouble codes that your van may be storing. They might not be able to scan brake codes specifically, but they should offer you a clue as to what’s happening.

If they give you any codes, write them down exactly so they look like PO246 or PO123, etcetera. Post them here and we’ll have a go at it. That’s a starting point for advice.

By the way, what makes you think the lights are about brakes ?


Are they the brake light and the ABS light?


The traction control/ABS and the brake lights (1 yellow, 1 red) came on simultaneously on two occasions on my wife’s 98 Windstar. Both times was because the ABS Excitor ring on the CV axle has come loose. It was less expensive and easier to replace the CV axle that press the Exciter ring back onto the axle. You may hear a grinding noise a low speeds as the loose exciter ring catches on the axle momentarily.

Normal braking is not effected, just the ABS and the Traction Control are disabled under this conditions.

Ed B.

“Normal braking is not effected, just the ABS and the Traction Control are disabled under this conditions.”

Personally I would not want ABS or Traction Control disabled. You paid for those safety features.

Neither would I, the left CV axle was repaired under warranty at 35.5k miles. The right axle was replaced on my own dime. This was the only repair (other than brakes and routine maintenance) done on the van in the 8 years my wife drove it.

Ed B.

Thanks for your response. I do not have a manual. I have the oil, oil filter changed at the Tyler Ford service everytime it is needed. They check the fluids and I suppose that the brake fluid would be included.

Bring it to Tyler Ford if you can’t check your brake fluid level. They’ll be able to tell you what those lights mean too.

Why don’t you buy a manual? Without one, how will you be able to do your regular maintenance?

If Elizabeth can’t check the brake fluid level, or know what warning lights are on, I doubt she will be doing any maintenance on the van.

just one more post to confirm my suggestion that all new cars come with a feature that talks to the driver and tells them in no uncertain terms just what is wrong or what service is now in the batters box.

Hi-beams and low windshield washer fluid?