2003 Toyota Sequoia - "All the lights on the dash are on..."

all lights are on on the dash and it feels like some one has his feet on the brakes there is some hold back its not the dis brakes hubs are not hot driving me insane ihad toytoa lexis,trucks now the sequota which i will never buy again very good suv but iam never going to own another one

All this on a seventeen year old vehicle.
You also have a problem with the device you are using to post to the forum. Shift key and punctuation keys are not working.


Spell check not working either .


Which specific lights are on? Is the check engine light one of them? Is this a new problem or something that’s been happening for a while?

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If all the warning lights are on while the engine is running then check the alternator for a problem. The warning lights are tied into the alternator circuit.

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If “all the lights are on” means every conceivable warning light . . . you might very well have a communications problem

Translation . . . one or more of the module(s) are not communicating with each other