02 Sequoia TRAC OFF,VSC TRAC,Slip indicator, brakes lock, steering locks

I have a 2002 Sequoia, while driving 35 mph my brakes locked. I took it immediately to my brake guy; he looked it over, put it on the machine, found nothing. I left thinking it might have been something on the road that set off the traction sensors. A week went by without incident and then while accelerating it happened again at 40mph on a flat clean highway. The TRAC OFF, VSC TRAC & the Slip Indicator light came on while the front end shook violently and pulled hard to the right. The brakes locked, my steering column, while vibrating madly was impossible to turn, it was like driving without power steering. I went immediately to another brake shop, they hooked it up to a computer, and again nothing showed up!! Today, five days later while driving home with my children on a major highway doing 65mph it happened again. I was suddenly unable to maneuver my vehicle, the brakes locked, the steering locked, and I truly just held on and prayed as my vehicle pulled us off the road. I have only been that afraid for my family’s safety once before, and that was in the middle of a tornado. Toyota has a serious problem here! Please share any solutions you may have that will stop this from occurring. Thanks in advance. (Things I’ve checked: All of the mentioned sensor lights go off after ignition is turned off. Tire air pressure has been checked. Brakes and rotors have been checked. Brake fluid level has been checked)

Well, obviously you can’t drive it anymore. I rarely suggest a dealer shop, but I think that is what you need. None of it makes any sense at all. If I had a way to search recalls and TSBs I would, but I don’t have it. But Toyota does. They also have the equipment that you know can do the appropriate scanning. The brake shops you went to might not. And if you take it to a dealer and they “scan” it and say they didn’t find anything wrong, you have to get very insistent with them. It’s an intermittent problem, so the systems will probably all check out. Then they will try to take the easy way out of it. Don’t let them. They need to do what is necessary to reproduce the problem.

This problem seems beyond a typical “brake shop” problem. Some scan tools will not find codes for these kinds of problems, but the Toyota dealers equipment can find all the codes. This needs to go to a dealer.

I have an '01 Sequoia and have never had this problem, but if it happens to me I’m taking it directly to Toyota. The computer controlling all the brake and trac control functions is either bad itself of is getting bad data from a faulty sensor somewhere in the system.

100% agree with @Uncleturbo !