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Toyota Rear Brakes and Clanking noises

My nephew’s Toyota Corolla,1998 has had rear brake work done this past September 2009. Recently, I drove his car and noticed an odd clanking sound in what appears to be the rear brake area. The sound occurs only when the brakes are applied. The brakes, thankfully work. I was told by the same mechanic at Tire Kingdom that the “brake hardware kit” was worn out. I was puzzled and concerned. Is this really a possible cause to noise in the rear? I am off to pick up the car after a $45 repair to its kit??? Please let me know.

Thanks, Ximena

It could well be the problem in the rear brakes which are drum brakes. The kit will usually include the hold down springs, posts and keepers; the shoe return springs; and sometimes some of the self adjuster hardware. If one of these pieces broke, it could allow the shoes or self adjuster mechanism to rattle around.

Thank you. The mechanic claimed that some springs from the kit were worn out. He did not charge me because he claimed there were extra Toyota parts around the shop.

I asked to see the worn out back brake kit parts, and he said it was hard to find in the dumpster. The noise has stopped. The brakes due make a slight sound but almost like a "tight adjustment " sound. The brakes do work so that is good.