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Noise when braking from rear, changed brakes but still has noise

I have a Toyota Corolla with 78K miles and when braking, a squealing noise came from the back when braking at low speeds. So I figured it was worn brake shoes, I took it to the mechanic but he said both the front and back brakes are good. I had him change both front and back anyway.

Now the squealing noise is gone but there is a still a noise…it sounds like the drum is rusted. It sounds like the noise in this video: (48 sec mark)

Do you think it’s the drum or something else? How much would changing the drum (both sides) cost? Do I need to get new brakeshoes also?

Mechanics must love you. “change both front and back” ? Was the pads, or the pads and rotors and drums?

I presume from what you say, your Corolla is configured with front discs, and rear drums. Maybe it is just what you say, the rear drum is a little rusted. My own Corolla – configured as above – makes a sort of scraping noise from the rear brakes a few days after it has been driven on wet roads, more noticeable if the water is deep enough to splash. And more noticeable if it has sat in the driveway for a few days in between. When the weather dries up and I drive the car regularly, that sound eventually goes away. And doesn’t return unless it rains again.

If you just can’t stand this sound, or are concerned about the condition of the brakes for safety reason, before replacing the drums, ask your shop to measure their dimensions and check for run-out – that’s a measure of how round they are. If those parameters measure ok, new drum are unlikely to help. Instead focus on making sure the rear brake mating surfaces are properly lubed with brake grease, and the brake actuating mechanisms – the master cylinder, wheel cylinders, flexible brake hoses, and parking brake, are all working properly.

One test you could do, while driving at a slow speed in a parking lot, compare the sound when you step on the brake pedal, vs stopping the car with the parking brake. The parking brake on rear drum cars usually only works on the rear brakes.

I could not really hear the sound in the video, as far as the brakes were all pads replaced and rotors resurfaced or replaced? Did the mechanics noe rusted or pitted rotors?

Check your backing plates, front and rear. Then check your drums for a “rust ridge”. The new shoes may be rubbing that ridge since they have more material on them than the ones you had removed. The squealing noise is common for cold drum brakes, especially if they are damp and is not usually indicative of wear. My experience with Toyota drum brakes is they typically last 150,000 to 200,000 miles so I doubt wear was your issue.

The noise does not sound dangerous but, if it turns out that it won’t go away and is driving you mad then replace the drums. They should run about $25 each and you can probably do it yourself in about 20 minutes (for each side).