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Squealing and squeaking from rear brake

A few months ago I did some work to my rear wheels. I replaced the drums, shoes, springs, etc., and (though this probably isn’t important) the strut assemblies. All is well. Within the last few weeks, my right rear wheel has been squeaking and squealing when I brake and just today it is so bad I am afraid to drive it. It even started to squeak (just slightly) while I drive after I let off the brakes. I just pulled the drum off and it all looked fine. I did not see any metal rubbing the drum nor did I see any unusual wear on the shoes. Any idea what the noise could be?

Its probably just the shoes rubbing on the backing plate. Its normal to dab the contact points of the plate with some brake grease, partly as a noise dampener.

Ditto above. That is a somewhat common complaint.

I’ll give it a try.

Well the sound has improved considerably. I wonder why it’s just one side that is doing it. One other thing I would like to ask. I was looking for a small amount of brake grease and I ended up using something called brake quiet. Is that going to have the same effect or should I just get the real stuff?

Brake Quiet does make brake grease. They also make other stuff such as the spray and other misc lubricants & fluids.

That IS the “real stuff”.