Toyota RAV4 side damage

How much would something like this cost to repair?

Got full coverage insurance?


$500 to $1500 depending on how deep the damage goes and where you live.

You do know that body repair shops give free estimates, right?

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Yes I do. Would they be able to cover it?

I live in NYC. Queens specifically.


Report how the damage occurred to the vehicle to your insurance company, and it will be covered.

But also understand that there may be a deductible for how the damage occurred.

That means you pay money up front before the insurance kicks in.


Looks like $2000 in damage, contact your insurance company.


A person should always have a clear understanding of what their insurance covers . Be it vehicle , medical or the home you live in .

Also talk to an agent and see if you actually have enough coverage rather just the minimum to meet your state requirements.


Is that paint from the scrape, or paint missing? If paint from the scrape a paintless dent repair could fix it for under $500 for sure.

Except for the hole cut into the door skin.

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My daughter’s Rav4 had a dent in rear door from a deer running into it. Small area of paint chipped up. The repair was $1,600 with a $50.00 deductible. My guess is this repair would be closer to $2,000. Contact your insurance company assuming you have full coverage.