Rough cost of damages?

Reversed into a pole, not significant damage besides cracked bumper but wondering by photos if it’s worth bringing to body shop and getting fixed outta own pocket or claiming through insursance. Any advice appreciated

Could be $1000, could be $5000. We don’t know what kind or year of car, what part of the world you live in or the extent of damages from these 2 pictures.

Body shops (Collision Repair Centers) give FREE estimates. You might want to stop by one or two or three and ask for an estimate.


If this is a 15+ year old car with no sensors in the bumper cover, this could be an inexpensive repair. On a newer car with radar backup sensors in the rear bumper? Could easily exceed $5k.

Does the trunk open and close normal like before??

The bumper cover is NOT the whole story, it is what is behind it that may or may not be damaged…
You might only need the cover and some trim, or you might be opening a can of worms, to many unforeseen possibility’s… If it got into any crumple zones it will not be cheap…

As already mentioned, we don’t know the year make model mileage and trim level of your vehicle, or your demographics… Or the extent of the damage… Have it checked out by a pro body shop and go from there…

Apologies for the lack of info. It’s a Toyota Camry atara 2012 model from Australia. No rear sensors and the boot still close fine.

Over a ten year old car?

Maybe try to reattach the lower trim?

Otherwise, I’d just drive it and forget it.


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If you want a like-new appearance, you’d get the best bet outcome by hiring the job out to an experienced body shop. If I had that problem on my older Corolla, I’d probably attempt a diy’er repair first, might be possible to simply glue the bumper back together. You’d have to invent a method to hold the two pieces tightly together while the glue dried.

The black trim piece might just snap back into place, the crack in the paint likely is just cosmetic.
I have no idea what the cost in Australia would be to R&R the bumper cover, then strip and paint. The black trim piece might require replacement.

Is it just the paint that’s cracked, or the bumper cover?

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Bumper has been cracked from impact, this photo might be a better view of damage

If you’re up for it, I bet there’s a youtube on how to remove your bumper cover (it needs to be replaced anyway). That way you’ll be able to see how much damage there is beneath it. Or just go to a body shop for an estimate.

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You can probably get an aftermarket bumper cover online for about $400 and then it will need to be painted.

How to Replace Rear Bumper Cover 11-17 Toyota Camry - YouTube