To repair or not to repair. THAT is the question

I have a 2013 Honda CR-V EX-L AWD that’s in near perfect condition with 12,000 miles on it. I am moving overseas in October and want to sell.

Unfortunately, I got a dent with scraping on the vehicle on the bottom right corner on the back passenger side door along with the bottom left hand corner of the front passenger side door. It’s about 3inches long by 2 inches high. The dent is in a discreet enough spot where I could see it not being a huge issue for a buyer (only thinking what would/wouldn’t deter me in the buying process).

Question is: do I get the doors totally fixed for $1100. Or do I de-rust, weather protect, and paint the dent for $100? Will a buyer be detracted from buying even if I shave money off the price if there is a dent? Would I make the investment in the repair back if I go through the full repair?

I would appreciate hearing your opinion!

Most likely you have full coverage insurance on a 2013. Check with your insurance agent about your deductible.

If insurance is not covering this and while I’m not a fan of the facility, you might consider seeing if MAACO could spot this in seeing as how the areas are small and somewhat out of the way.

For 1100 dollars I don’t know that you would recoup that investment by doing the repair. If it could be spotted in for a couple or three hundred dollars then it might be feasible.