Please help I got into a small accident

Can you please tell me what type of accident this is, what needs to be repaired, and an estimated cost of repair. Thank you for your help.

This is also a 2014 Toyota Corolla

Well, clearly, the left rear fender and the left side of the rear bumper cover were scraped, and it appears that the fender was dented, as well. As to how it happened (“Can you please tell me what type of accident this is?”), only you and/or the other driver can answer that question.

The cost of the repairs could be anywhere from…maybe…$700 to…maybe…$2,000, but that is just a guess from afar. For an accurate estimate, you have to take it to a body shop–or two, or three.
Just be aware that bodywork almost always costs more than you think it will, and also be aware that if the left rear wheel was hit (I can’t quite tell from the photo), then the repair costs could be substantially higher.

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Thank you. My sister was reversing car back from garage and she bumped into our house, and this happened.

Are you a car nut whose car must be perfect in appearance at all times?

If not, then you might be able to deal with it cheaply.

The bumper cover is hanging because a clip that holds it to the car has broken. Get a new clip and replace it, which may or may not involve a removal of the bumper itself. If you do the work yourself this will cost you a few bucks.

And all that terrible looking white stuff is actually probably paint transfer from the garage trim to your car. Get a can of polishing compound and a microfiber cloth and with some elbow grease you can remove it without doing much if any damage to the underlying paint. Then get some touchup paint if there is any actual paint chipping - which there may not be depending on what material the garage door frame is made of.

After that all that’s left is the dent, which you can either leave alone and call it a battle scar, or you can try to pop it yourself. It’s really hard to tell from the picture, but if it’s smaller than the head of a toilet plunger you can try popping it out with one. Wet the plunger and the dent area, then press the plunger to it gently and pull. The sooner you do this the more likely it is to work. BTW it needs to be one of the old fashioned cup plungers, not those weird accordion things they make for toilets now.

Thank you for your help, and no I am not a car nut whose car must be in perfect appearance. How much would it cost to fix that dent bc i tried to use the plunger and it didn’t work? Secondly, I don’t know how to replace a clip, so how much would that repair cost?

It’s very hard to say, but I would guess you’re looking at near or into 4 figures. The thing is, body shops are used to dealing with insurance companies, which means they don’t generally have to worry as much about price competition.

And I don’t know how your bumper is attached, so I don’t know if the clip can be replaced in 5 minutes with the bumper on, or if they have to take the bumper off to fix the clip, and then put it back on.

I also don’t know where you live - a body shop in Silicon Valley is going to charge more than a body shop in Omaha. :wink:

So, really your best bet is to take it to a few body shops and get an estimate.

A little metal screw will re-attach the two pieces.

And cause rusting if the metal is different from the body metal.

You can get away with this in non-rust belt states, but doing it where they salt the roads is asking for future trouble.

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would this be a problem in south texas?

If it’s on the Gulf, yes. All you need is salt and 2 different metals to get a galvanic reaction going that accelerates rust.

Well the 1/4 panel dent needs to be straightened and if the bumper cover is ripped where it attaches, may need to be replaced. Then it’s refinishing the bumper cover and the quarter panel. Estimates? You’re in the $1500 to $2000 category in my view but a body shop will give you a better estimate free.

oof I had no idea it would cost this much money :frowning: thank you for your help though

okay thank you! Until I get it fixed what precautions should I take to prevent rusting

Here’s what I would try first.

Get a tube of Scratch Doctor.

And see if it’ll remove the paint scrapes.

Then, here’s what I would try to remove the dent.


Whose name is car in? Your sister damaged your car? Car insurance is different. If you break something someone else owns, your home owners insurance will fix it. With no deductible. But, that is not true of auto insurance. If your sis is driving your car, your insurance kicks in. Or something like that. Why don’t you have collision on a 4 yr old car?

I believe it is under my parents name but she is on our car insurance plan

I have repaired exactly same thing on my 2006 Sentra 3 years ago, when someone pulling into a parking spot scratched with a dangling front bumper. His insurance company cut me a check of $1300.

Is there a dent below fuel refill location? The adjuster told me that will cost the most, fixing bumper will cost less. I have no idea if he was bluffing.

Yup body work is expensive now. I had a lady back into me a few weeks ago. Front bumper cover, a little fender and hood work and repainting. By the time they got done it was $2900. Paint alone now is running $400 a gallon and what maybe $100+ an hour labor.

I think you have white paint on the car, not scraped off paint, I have had good experience with paintless dent repair, mine did not look perfect if you knew here to look, but it was good enough to pass inspection by the average Joe. My damage was less extensive but was $125 vs $1300 for a body shop. Even had a big scrape in the plastic headlight lens they buffed out.

This part you can and should get from a body shop.

As to what type of accident; well, it’s a boo-boo type of accident.
Technically, you’ve damaged the rear quarter panel and the bumper shell. But that really means nothing to anyone but the body shop.

How’s the house?