Re-attach a side mirror


I have a 99 Toyota Camry. The right side mirror bumped off. I tried to re-attach it to the car.(I thought it was a clip-on). I saw there were some holes on the car and some pins on the mirror part. I inserted the mirror into the holes. they fit. But the mirror would not stay. Do I need glue or screws to re-attach the mirror to the car? Also, there are two wires on the mirror part, and one black soft tube on the car side. Where should I attach the wires to? Thank you.


I am not 100% familiar with this Camry, bu there goes. Need some more info before you get a real answer

  1. Is this mirror electric remote control or not?
  2. Usually there are at least one mounting screw that holds the mirror in place from the inside. I am not familiar with any mirror that is mounted with clips as a primary means of holding it in place. You attach most mirrors by taking a triangular or other plastic piece off the inside trim and then access the screw and holes from the inside of the car. Have you done that?
  3. Depending on the damage you may need to get a new/used in good condition mirror with new mounting screws. See a salvage yard or a Toyota dealer.

Maybe some of the pro’s here can help more.


I’ve done a '91 Camry as well as an '01 Civic. Basically, there’s a triangular plastic piece on the inside called a “garnish”. Pop that off and there’ll be three nuts on threaded posts. The other end of those threads are the pins you saw. You need to remove the nuts, remove the assembly (there’s an electrical plug also that the mirror plugs into) and change the whole assembly. You may or may not have to remove the inner door panel to access the bottom nut, depending on the exact model.

The best price I found for a replacement was VIP. You’ll need to have them order the mirror from their “crash parts” catalog. Expect to pay about $70 to $80.

Sincere best.