2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid door question

2018 h@ 6 weeks ybrid Rav 4. the manual rear door will not open. The door can be opened form the inside in emergency but the exterior pad/ switch does not work. could it be a fuse? the car was parked in a heated garage for about 6 weeks, started up fine, but back door won’t open. Door works “actuator” doesn’t.

If you bought it new it has a 3yr./36k bumper-to-bumper warranty. If not, make sure there’s current to the lock actuator.


Thanks for the response, bought it used with 13k on it. The dealer will fix under warranty. I’m really curious why it “failed”. How can I check for current to actuator?

You’d need to use a multimeter to test the wiring for the presence of current, starting with the switch and then the actuator.

The real question is there any way to get at the wiring without removing the inner panel on the back door. Again thanks for the response. For once I have had really poor luck on this problem on youtube.

Let them fix it and move on . Things break and sometimes the reason is never known .

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Before you make a trip to the dealer, be sure the doors are unlocked when you push the button on the back door. Check in the display system settings that the back door operation is not in the cancel mode.

You can test for current at the fuse block and do a visual inspection of the wires leading into the door but no, you’d eventually need to access the door’s inner workings. Since the dealer is going to fix it don’t worry about it.

Your best bet might be to just get the warranty repair and not worry about it. The dealer will likely determine what part(s) failed and replace them, but not determine how the parts failed. You could ask for the replaced parts, but I imagine that Toyota wants them back. They pay for the repair and they have first dibs. If you are too curious, you might void the warranty. If the dealer thinks you noodled around with the mechanism, they might deny your claim.

I have a 2017 rav , not sure what you mean by rear door, not the hatchback I assume. I have to hit the unlock button twice far doors other than the drivers to unlock.