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Toyota Prius

Could I move the driver’s seat back 3-5". It is not a power seat. Is it a matter of moving 4 bolts and drilling new holes? Anyone dealt with this before?
Like the car but not enough leg room. I am only 6’1", can’t imagine someone 6’4" trying to drive one.

I would not drill new holes as they may not be structurally sound. You don’t want to slam on the brakes and have the seat ripped out of the floor. You can buy seat extenders online at which is a safer alternative.

Some people have a lot of their height in their torso, and others have it in their legs. If your height is in your legs, good chance you will be uncomfortable in a Prius for any length of time. My brother-in-law is 6’5" and can do local, 30 minute drives in our Prius, but would not want to do hours and hours at a time! Just his build, and I guess his sitting style.

I first met him 35 years ago and he was driving a VW brand sports car–forgot which model–and to see him get in and drive it was a hoot! But he did fit, and did great distances in it. LongLegs: get the extend-a-seats, and keep a great vehicle.

A seat is bolted down. Easy to move seat back with simple brackets. You may lose a little height as bracket design may lift seat. But your lgd are long and torso is short. So height is not the issue. What is your inseam?

I checked the Prius web site and lists leg room at 41.7 inches and our Volvo at 41.9 and I am just over 6 feet and I do not need the seat all the way back. If it was I could not reach the pedals well enough to be safe.

Wasn’t there a police academy movie, where the guy tore out the front seat and sat on the back seat, because his legs were so long?

Something to think about if you do try to move the seat back is that the airbags were designed to operate with the seat in a specific location. Moving the seat may have adverse effects on airbag effectiveness if ever needed.

I’m confused as to why OP has trouble with leg room. Our son is 6 foot 2 and the only car he ever had trouble with leg-wise was our tiny 1977 Dodge Colt, a car designed for Japanese size drivers.

@longlegs, I sympathize with you, but drilling new holes is not a good idea. The seats are mounted to a structural part of the car, usually a cross bar, at least in the front to provide a solid anchor point in case of a crash. I recommend the seat extenders that @missleman suggested. They use the original anchor points to provide some crash protection.

There are three generations of Prius Gen 1 is 2001 to 2003, gen 2 is 2004 to 2009, and 2010 and on is Gen 3.

Here are the extra long brackets for Gen 3