Tall people--seat bracket extenders?

Looking for a way to add a little extra leg room for my brother who is tall and large. He used to drive a 2004 Toyota Avalon with bench seat, which he found comfortable. His new 2010 Avalon has buckets and a wide console which constricts the space for his right leg. Is there someone who will make seat bracket extenders so he can be more comfortable? We’ve found a source for Prius extenders (http://pri…cts_id/146)but they do not make a version for the Avalon. We understand there are issues about liability, air bag seat position sensor etc. but what do really tall people do?

what do really tall people do?

They try out a lot of cars, SUVs and vans before they find one they fit and like.

They also take them for longer test drives to make sure they’re comfortable BEFORE they buy anything.

Think you might be out of luck. I know it’s frustrating, but big and tall really need to try on cars like their clothes - other things are secondary. I’m tall guy who drives with the misery of my right leg crammed into the console of my Subaru Legacy. Cruise control saves me on long trips.

I doubt you’ll find anything like that, the liability is high, what with the potenetial to interfere with airbags and seatbelts. Those Prius extenders are the first I’ve seen.

Six way power seats were very good with generous adjustments. That 72 Sedan DeVille was perfect and I would buy a similar car for $6,000, today if they made one special for me.