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Need more leg room for 2002 Toyota Sienna van

Is there a way to extend the distance the driver seat goes back? I want to sell the van to a person with longer legs than I have. Where should I get this done. Does Toyota make some sort of longer track or an extension or does it have to be customized? If customized, any idea of what type of shop in the Washington DC area does this? Thanks for your help.

You have to bear in mind that the factory design of the placement and the travel of the front seats is related to the placement of the seat belt/shoulder harness. If the seat is moved back further than the original design, it is likely that the belt would not work properly in terms of restraining the driver in the event of a crash.

There really is a reason for most of the designed-in features of vehicles, and attempting to second-guess the designers can be problematic–or in this case, potentially dangerous.

Certain vehicles and certail people are not a good match. There probably isn’t anythng that can be done. I had a 1993 Oldsmobile 88 that was never comfortable for me to drive–I have long legs. My wife was fine with the car. Even with a 6 way power seat I was never comfortable and would have terrible pains in my thighs if I drove a distance of more than 50 miles. On the other hand, I could drive all day in a Ford Taurus that we had and it didn’t have a power seat. There are plenty of people who want to buy a Toyota Sienna that would be comfortable, and there are plenty of other cars for sale that would be suitable for the person to whom you want to sell the Toyota Sienna. When I was in college, my Dad took a pass on a 1959 Studebaker Lark V-8 that he thought was a great car. The steering wheel was so low that I couldn’t drive it comfortably. Since I was essentially away from home, I suggested that Dad buy the car. He turned it down. He said, “There are plenty of cars that we will all be comfortable driving”.