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Seat placement

I was wondering is it possible to adjust a seat or move it back if you have long legs without sacrificing safety and or protection in the event of an accident. I need to move the seat back about 6 to 8 inches??? I teach drivers education and I’m 6’6’’ tall and ride in cars for hours and am tired of being cramped. Any thoughts??

What car?

The placement and the rate of deployment of a vehicle’s airbags (front, side curtain) is determined by the location of the seat. For that reason, I believe that manufacturers don’t make it easy to readily move a seat beyond the positions provided by the adjusting mechanism. You may be able to do what you want by drilling new holes and/or installing some new mounting hardware, but in the process you will lose some (or possibly, most) of the effectiveness of the front and side curtain airbags.

The side airbags, which are mounted in the backrest portion of the front seats, would likely not be affected by what you propose, but the effectiveness of the front airbags and the side curtain airbags would be affected.

Also, you may wind up with problems involving the seat belts. If the seat is placed further back than the original design, the shoulder belt would likely be positioned on your neck, or possibly on the side of your face, rather than the correct position–on your shoulder. This type of positioning could very possibly lead to a broken neck in the event of a collision.

So–in answer to your question, I am of the opinion that you would be sacrificing your personal safety to a great extent if you do what you propose.

Thank you, I was afraid that was what I was going to find out. I may just have to go to a larger car to get the needed leg room I need. Again, thanx for the information.

Don’t automatically assume that a large car will have more legroom than a smaller model. Maybe yes, maybe no. This will really become a matter of visiting many showrooms and sitting in many models of cars.

I know it’s unpopular to say this, but there is no doubt in my mind that the best vehicle for you is a mini-van. The upright seats, higher roofline and open space inside should suit you very well.