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Toyota Matrix

The sport matrix is a front wheel drive with various extra stability control, abs, etc. Do you think this is good enough for driving in Maine. I only had awd and thought it was a must for Maine driving. The dealer thinks this particular Toyota will be great in the snow. I need another opinion

Buy the standard (non sport) Matrix and equip it with a good set of winter tires, such as Michelin X-ICE. The sport version with extra power will just make you spin your wheels. Many posters live in snow country and do just fine with FWD only.

I don’t know about this car in particular, but sport versions often have wider tires. You don’t want that in snow.

Most people will be fine with FWD. If there’s too much snow or ice, you’ll be snug at home anyway. Unless you must work under any circumstances. Emergency personnel should have AWD or 4WD. If you like the sport Matrix, then you should have it. Buy something you like and can afford.

Of course the salesman will say that, it’s probably the only one he has on the lot to sell. :stuck_out_tongue:
You can buy Pontiac Vibe/Matrix with AWD if you don’t feel comfortable with just FWD. They’re there to sell you a car, not to make you uncomfortable(well, too much anyways :P)