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What about the Pontiac Vibe?

What does everyone think about the Pontiac Vibe as a car for snowy weather and commuting and safety?

It’s a great all around car. Safe for a compact and fine in snow with the proper tires. I’ve driven mine 150k miles without a bit of trouble. Remember, it is a Toyota Matrix, or Corolla wagon essentially. A very sound vehicle.

Perfectly fine but realize there is nothing sporting about it despite the “look”. I have known a few owners who bought it disappointed that it had a look of sportiness but as exciting as a white amana fridge in driving dynamics.

It will do fine winter conditions dependent on the tires it is equipped with. Some have really low profile wide tires that struggle in the snow if all-season.

I just bought a 2004 Toyota Matrix XR and the dealer put on brand new Michelin all-season tires on which I promptly replaced with 4 rims and new winter (not snow) tires.

Like was mentioned, the wide OEM tires are next to useless in snow, especially snow which is salt penetrated.