Sporty/fun PLUS good in snow?

Looking into getting a vehicle. Was originally set on a Mazda CX-5 (we already have one and love it) but now am thinking of maybe getting a more fun-to-drive/sporty car before my husband and I (maybe) have kids. Want something that drives well, is sporty/fast, feels luxury BUT can also drive in the snow, as we live in the northeast. New or used. Budget of around $22,000. Luxury (I know some BMW sedans can be in this price range) or mainstream brands. I know some brands (Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda) are coming out with turbos, but most sedans don’t seem to come in AWD… any thoughts or ideas are appreciated!!

The lower end Audi models can be purchased used for that price with AWD. 3-4 year old A4, A3, TT’s fit that request.

But if you order a set of winter tires mounted on another set of wheels, that will make ANYthing you want to buy work well in snow. I drove a Honda S2000 sports car with winter tires… RWD, low, fast and very sporty… 4 winter tires allowed to to drive well in 4 inches of snow. Sooo Nissan 370Z, MX5 Miata, or a Mustang would fit the bill.

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True winter tires like Michelin xice or Blizzacks make an amazing difference on snow


Certified Pre-owned Forester XT for the win. And get some winter tires.

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Subaru WRX or Legacy 3.6R
BMW 230ix or 330ix
Ford Focus RS , Fusion Sport
Audi TT Quattro
Infiniti Q50

Not a reply to the original post but since winter tires were mentioned - what are opinions on 3PMSF tires (three-peak mountain snowflake) - are they halfway between true winter and all-season - or closer to one or the other?

A simple Google search will take you to the Tire Rack web site . There you will find a very comprehensive article on 3 peak rated tires.
Or you can just accept that they are really good in snow but not as good as dedicated winter tires.