Toyota land cruisers

I am looking at early 90’s land cruisers. The earlier ones, 90-91, seem to have a wheel well that is metal, one-piece with the body. Looking at a 94, the wheel well appears to be fiberglass attached to the body. Does anyone know when this changed? Also, I think I am referring to ‘fender flare’, but that may not be the right term for what I am referring to.

why does this minor detail matter to you?

Fiberglass is lighter, cheaper and free of rust. That’s 3 pretty good reasons right there. If you are serious about purchasing an older Land Cruiser let me suggest the 1995 model. It looks like the 91 model but is much safer with standard ABS, driver and passenger airbags and adjustable shoulder belt anchors. The vehicle also has the new AC refrigerant R-134a which will make things a lot easier if any AC work is needed. This link will let you read about the history of the Land Cruiser from 1950-present.

Hey missleman, thanks for the post, very educational. Seriously.

You’re welcome. I happen to love the Toyota Land Cruiser but my wife likes the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Guess what we own.