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1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

I’m looking at a 99 Toyota Land Cruiser with 148,000 miles. Should I be concerned about the age and mileage? The car is in mint condition with new leather seats, new brakes and pads. two owners, all maintenance records. But the age and mileage worry me - or should they

Two questions: What is your use for it ?
Has it been in a rust belt area ? Rust and body integrity would be my biggest concern. When you say “mint” I’m sure you’ve had a body shop check it out. Too many people think frequent service can usurp under body condition. IMO they are equally important. If the body is “mint” and the price is right, I’d have no problems if it were going to be an occasional use vehicle and I had the $$$.
They are comparable gas hogs and it will not be maintenance free at that age. High mileage luxury vehicles have more to go wrong that have nothing to do with maintenance.
I’d feel better, repair wise down the road, on a 99 4 Runner with less expensive mechanics and appointments if you insist on an off road Toyota suv.
If it’s for “show” that’s different.

No rust belt area and it is more than I want to spend. But I’m looking for an older SUV - not a truck - that will pull my boat and trailer - combined weight approx. 6,000 pounds. Does not have to be a luxury vehicle or a Toyota.

I bought an '01 Sequoia a few months ago for the same reason, trailering. You didn’t mention the price, but now is a good time to buy a used SUV the prices are good and you can negotiate. I paid $10,000 (88K miles, SRS, new tires, new brakes, very clean body) the Land Cruiser is a lot more luxury than the Sequoia and higher MSRP.

Mint shape and 148K miles are not compatible in my opinion. Mechanically it should be pretty reliable, but what do you know about the status of the engine and transmission? Was it used for towing by the previous owner? Do the service records confirm the timing belt was changed at 90K as per mfg. recommendations. If it wasn’t or you can’t find out then you need to do it ASAP or face a possible major engine meltdown. My Sequoia is due and the estimates are about $600 and up.

At a good price this may be a super vehicle, an inspection by a mechanic you can depend on will give you all the information you need to decide.

I think there may be better choices…the tow rating is 6500 on those. You are correct in looking for a HEAVY vehicle. I feel you could do better mileage/year with an Expedition for same bucks. I hear you say NO TRUCK. But if a great deal on a crew cab ?