1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

I recently tripped, slipped, busted my lip and fell in love with my neighbor’s light blue 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60. I asked him about and he said he was selling it for $4750 OBO and that it was currently on craigslist. Its got 200,000 miles and he recently put in a new clutch, seals, stearing damper, and shocks. Most of my driving is just around town so the $4750 question is: How many more miles can I squeeze out of this car? Are there known problems with this make and model? And should I go for it in the name of LOVE?

You can get as many miles as you want and can afford. Have it checked out by a competent independent mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. Ask the owner for all of his service receipts. Personally, I prefer the shorter FJ40.


Unless the thing is in near-showroom condition and comes with a file cabinent full of reciepts going back to 1984 (or alternatively has some serious off-road mods), this rig is overpriced.

The only real serious problem with these is rust, but hopefully that’s not an issue on one in this price range. I presume you’re already aware of truckish on-road handling and crummy gas mileage.

Buy it!!

As long as it hasn’t been run ragged and abused it is NOT over priced.
You can get another 200k out of it as long as you do simple preventive maint.

I noticed the date on the post and I truly hope you got it. You will not regret it if you did.

If you took and updated the interior cleaned it up a bit (assuming that you need to) and made it mechanically sound you could easily sell it for nearly 10k.

I have owned LCs since 1986 and currently own a 85 FJ60.
Buy it!! You will not regret it.