1969 Toyota Land Cruiser

I found myself a project (I need something to keep myself out of trouble)
Its a little rough
Doors work good
Needs Wind Shield and drivers glass
Frame looks solid (I only seen surface rust
The floor at the rear doors is rusted through
Original inline 6 engine runs
No brakes

Any input would be appreciated Good, Bad or Ugly


I have a good freind who owns one of these. He really enjoyed restoring it. Bright yellow. Everyone call it a Jeep because they’ve never seen one before. I knew right away what it was (My dad was seriously considering one of them back in 1970, test drove one for a day.) I call it a “Jeep” because I know it bugs him.

I always tell people If you like the vehicle, and you’re mechanically inclined, go for it. If you think it’ll make a good “investment” fugiddaboutit. Collector cars make lousy investments. Buy it if you think it’s cool and you’ll have a good time owning it.

Sell it for whatever you can get for it and move on. It’s a money pit. Buy a nice one with no rust in original (or restored) condition. You will sink more time and money into yours that it will ever be worth.


“no brakes” . . . what does that mean?

The brakes are shot and need a complete overhaul/repair?

The brakes have been removed?

i like rockets thinking

2tone , ur raining on my parade
its about a project. i did some parts research and they look inexpensive. i believe it to be mechanically sound

Can i buy a tub for it? Everything looks pretty good but the rust on the floor at the rear door

I havent even heard it run yet. Just looked at it an hour ago. They are looking for the title. I can get it for about $800

I fairly sure the brakes are all there … Just not working. The pedal goes to the floor.
A complete rebuild wouldnt even be terrible (I like to tinker)

I bet there’s a forum for these with folks who have done exactly what you’re thinking about. They’ll know about the body parts.

I find lots of parts but no tub like i know you can do with a jeep. Yeah i will look for a forum. The forum in jeep are a mess i can never figure out how to work them. The format is just stupid

There are so few of these out there, compared to a Jeep, that I doubt you’ll find a new tub.

Here’s one forum:

I assume you have previous experience with these? In stock form they rode like a tank, were loud enough at freeway speeds that you could barely have a conversation. And the aforementioned freeway speed was about 60. They sure were rugged, but driving them was tiring.

This sounds a lot more involved than just “a little tinkering”…Projects like this can become a black hole in both time and money. To do it right, you will have to take the body off the frame and bead-blast everything down to bare metal…Are you ready for that??


So this is the 4-door, right? That’s less common, but they’re still pretty basic.

But if the floors rusted out I’d be very careful about checking the frame and suspension mounting points for rust.

I think it’s MORE then a money pit. This was NOT an extremely popular back in 69. Thus you’ll have a very hard time finding parts. And since it wasn’t very popular…there won’t be a lot of aftermarket parts either.

Unless you’re into custom fabrication…this is NOT going to end well.

2 door

Some years ago, on The Nashville Network, now Spike TV, the two guys (Dave and Sam?) who ran it, restored a 1969 or so Land Cruiser. Although the body was good, all mechanicals, including the engine, similar to a Chevy stove bolt 6, had to be rebuilt.

The network, of course paid for it, but you will need a mortgage on you house to pay to do it yourself. I agree that parts will be nearly impossible to find. Even then, they found it hard to get parts, and had to use the services of a machine shop to fabricate some items.

OK, your first post confused me (‘rear door’). The two door is the popular one to restore, the FJ-40.

Ok ive been talked out of the land cruiser

Any suggestions on a project rig?
I want a older model 4x4 (Pre computer/Brain box)
I believe this means 1975 or older…

A 4x4 with parts that will probably be available…you can’t beat the F150 pickup. Followed closely by the Chevy/GMC pickups…then the Dodge pickups.

And old Jeep would be fine too. Cherokee Chief might be fine too.

Parts for trucks from that era…you really need to stick with American. The sold a lot…were very popular…and there are slew of aftermarket parts available. You can probably build a completely NEW 1970 F150 pickup from aftermarket parts. It might cost you $100k, but it can be done.

Im more into the short wheel base for getting around
I do like jeeps. Curious why you specified the “Chief”