97 Toyota Landcruiser


Hello all,

I drive a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser and really do not have many complaints except for the water leaking. It is a huge problem when it rains because water will come through the sunroof and floor. I have taken it to two great mechanics and the dealership to see if it can get fixed and so far no luck. So, it hasn’t rained since last time I had it checked but if history repeats itself it is sure to leak. Has anyone else experienced this problem or know what might be wrong I would love the feedback! Thanks



The usual leak problem is the sunroof. The problem is not seals, but rather the drains. Generally there are four drains, one at each corner. You should be able to see them. Try pouring some water down each one, one at a time. The water should come out under the car.

If one is clogged, try feeding some string grass trimmer line down the drain. You might also try compressed air, but don’t overdo or it may make matter worse.

Fix that and there is a good chance the floor leak will be fixed.