Toyota Keyless entry

Got my car battery changed and now keyless entry doesn’t work. Tried re-programming with pamphlet that came with entry. Tried a few online hints (close door, open door, key in, key out) nothing is working.

I have a 1996 Celica. Got it in 1998 and bought a new keyless entry from Toyota. Could it be the keyless entry is old? Was working fine until had the battery changed.

Anyway to test the unit without paying Toyota $130 an hour?


You might try the people at a lot of knowledgeable Toyota folks there.

This is just a remote shot, but the dealer’s parts department should be able to provide you with an “initialization procedure” (different from what you have) that might allow you to reset the system. These procedures exist for everything controlled by the body computer(s), including windows, locks, and the security systems. I had to reprogram my windows after disconnecting the battery.