Keyless Entry on Scion TC



My fiancee’s Scion TC keeps getting broken into. But no windows are broken - the thief is getting in some other way. My best guess is that there’s something wrong with the keyless entry system. Either it’s unlocking itself in the middle of the night, or the thief has a remote with the same frequency.

Since this sounds like a manufacturers defect, would the dealer change the keyless entry frequency for free or cheaply? Or is it the sort of thing they’d charge $3000 for, because that’s what dealers do? If they try to charge a lot to correct a manufacturer’s defect, do we have any legal recourse?


I drive an xB for work and I’m always getting chewed out for leaving the thing unlocked, even when I could have sworn up and down that I clicked the lock button. One day a homeless person was sleeping in it-- I was in trouble that day! I entertained all manner of outlandish theories. Mostly I was thinking that maybe Toyota had done the same thing with their fobs that they had done with their keys years ago (where they only had about a dozen unique keys) and that maybe someone else in the neighborhood was accidentally unlocking it.

However, when I really started paying attention to it, the case was usually that one of the doors was ever so slightly ajar and so it wouldn’t lock. So long as I made sure the lights flashed once, it would always be locked in the morning. Also a couple of times I accidentily unlocked it fumbling with my keys in my pocket.

What I’d propose is that you maybe take the fob off your keychain for a while and just lock your car by hand and see if the problem goes away. I suspect it will.