Keyless entry no longer works, VW Passat 2004

I thought it was the battery but after having it replaced my remote key still does nothing to lock or unlock. The key blinks red when I press a button but no response from the car.

No other electrical issues though.

Unfortunately it’s the last remote key, the other is lost for good, so I can’t do further testing.

Might it have to be reprogrammed after a battery change?

Have you read your manual to see what it says about re-synching the remote?

The manual suggested lock and remote could be out of synch but the remedy - press button once for one second then lock/unlock - didn’t have any effect.

I Have Found The Folks At The Keyless Ride Company To Be Very Helpful. They Sell RKE Transmitters And Keys, But Offer Help, Too. You Might Want To Call Them.

I have ordered from them, twice, online. They give good, quick service at a good price.

Here’s their link that includes a toll-free phone number. You can try and look up your remote on their site, also.


Thanks, good idea. Remote keys from the VW dealer are otherworldly expensive ($260 for the remote and $160 for the valet key).