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02 celica keyless entry

I recently bought my son a 2002 Toyota Celica with 78K miles on it. The car is in great shape and everthing seems to function correctly, except for the keyless entry. You can lock and unlock the doors manualy, or use the power lock and unlock button, but nothing happens when you press the buttons on the keyless remote. I put a new battery in the remote, but that did not help.

Any help or advise before I end up taking it to a service center?

It is possible that someone installed an aftermarket anti theft system in the vehicle. Some of those require disconnecting the factory module for a new module that works with the anti theft FOB instead. If it still has the aftermarket anti-theft system, you have to use that FOB.

After you install a new battery you may have to “reprogram” the remote to recognize the car, or vice versa. Check the owner’s manual. There may be information there. If not, check Toyota’s website.