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Toyota Corolla

I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla. There are two plastic covers on the undercarriage of the vehicle in the front… The front driver’s side is loose; the oil change guys told me the little clips are broken and they used a “strap” to hook it back up. Well, on the Fla turnpike, the strap lasted about 30 minutes :slight_smile: Do I need to take my car to Toyota, or can a “strap” fix the problem, if I take it to a car mechanic? Thank you for any advice.

unless you dont like money your going to fix it yourself
The Fla turnpike had nothing to do with the strap

The clips just push through holes in the cover and holes in the body where they attach. You can pick them up at the dealer or any auto parts store. They are pretty cheap. If you can’t put them in yourself, then you will need to go to a mechanic or the dealer and that will cost more.