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Where to get a seat belt strap fixed?

We have a 2012 Toyota Rav4 we recently purchased used, and somehow one of the backseat seat belt straps has gotten a horizontal nick that cuts almost halfway through. This is obviously not safe, so we need it fixed. It’s still under warranty, but we’re not sure this would be covered. Is this something you’d take to the dealer? Or somewhere else? Anyone have an idea how much this repair costs?

Thanks in advance!

Some manufacturers cover seat belts for many years. I would call and ask. It can’t hurt to ask.

Thanks. The first dealer I called said it wasn’t covered by warranty. The second one said it would be, so I’ve made an appt. Fingers crossed they don’t change their minds!

Warranty ? who’s warranty ? Is the warranty the selling dealer’s or Toyota’s ?
Toyota warranty will replace it.

Warranty ? who’s warranty ? Is the warranty the selling dealer’s or Toyota’s ?
Toyota warranty will replace it.

We bought it from a non-Toyota dealership, and our experiences with them have been so miserable that I didn’t even bother calling with this question. The dealerships that I reference above were both Toyota dealers, so apparently not every dealership thinks this is covered by warranty.

Either way, pay or warranty, you have to just go to the dealer and have it replaced. No one is going to repair it. Some years ago I needed a new buckle sewn on my belt that plain wore out. An auto upholstery shop finally did it, but really didn’t want to touch it at all due to liability. Certainly now, no one would mess with a repair unless to just bolt in a new belt. But you need the belt anyway which will be a dealer part, so just have them do it and pay the freight.

If it was a defect, the warranty would cover it almost forever, but damage most likely not.

I agree–word-for-word–with Bing.

No responsible person would attempt to repair a safety belt, in view of the incredible G-forces that they must withstand in a collision.

Replace? Yes
Repair? No

And, just like the warranty on every other part of the car, defects are covered.
Damage is not covered, and clearly the previous owner must have damaged the belt.

A friend of mine ordered a replacement seat belt on line and installed it himself on some kind of a Lexus (rear seat belt). You might be able to find a you tube video showing how it’s done.

Warranty is for the repair of factory defects in materials or workmanship. It does not and should not cover a damaged seat belt that was more than likely ruined by the previous owner.

The only way a dealer might cover this would be under a PR warranty in which the dealer absorbs the cost in the name of customer relations. That’s a slippery slope for a dealer because the end is never in sight…

If a dealer did submit a legitimate warranty claim to Toyota Motor Company odds are that TMC would take one look at that belt and deny the claim. This means the dealer would eat the entire cost.