What is wrong with my 2012 Corolla? Just got it back from the body shop

The bumper cover wasn’t attached to the body.


The other side isnt like this, though. Just the right front.

Bring it back!


That’s because they attached the other side to the body, and forgot to do the right front.

Right front?That sure looks like the left front to me!

Correct. You made me realize my mistake.

Are they gonna have to remove the bumper cover again? Just wondering how long it will take to fix this.

The black bracket under your fingers is supposed to stay attached to the fender when the bumper cover is removed, that bracket many need to be replaced if the retainers are broken.

Maybe they will just slap the bumper cover back into place and wait for it to come loose again.

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You see those black plastic clips you have your fingers on?

Those should clipped onto the fender to hold the bumper cover on.


It never popped out to begin with. I was checking my tire pressure and noticed the inconsistency. Just wiggled it a bit and there ya go.

I just hope this is a quick fix. Kinda have to use my car where I live.

Don’t tell the body shop that you wiggled it ( proper name now is Collision Repair Facility ) just show them it is loose .

I sent them the picture I have here and told them I noticed the problem while checking my tire pressure…

This kind of problem is not unheard of when it comes to body repair.

Out of sight, out of mind often leads to so what.

Same car, same problem. Get another holding bracket like the one shown in the picture. You actually broke the fastening screw holes that are made of thin molded plastic(red arrows in picture) while trying to wiggle it.This bracket is fastened on the structure with one bolt and should not have come off with the bumper cover. .Capturebracket%20corolla