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Toyota Corolla 07 CE Whistling or Squeeking Sound!

I am having an issue with my Toyota Corolla 07 CE, it has almost 50,000 miles on it, and ever since i bought it, i hear a whistling or squeeking sound that comes out intermittently when i go over 75 mph or more…

Took the car to Firestone, Toyota Dealership both told me that the car is perfectly fine but that noise is really disturbing and it seems to be getting louder with time!

Please Help!

Thank You!

You need to try to narrow down why the noise is intermittent, and whether it is a whistle or a squeak, or both at different times. At least you’ve established that it happens only when going 75 mph or faster. Does the sound occur only with the windows closed, or mostly closed? Does it seem to come from inside the car or outside the car? Does it happen more often on either cool days or on hot days? Do you have automatic temperature control and let that decide what the fan motor is doing? Or do you often change the settings manually? If you can establish, for example, that the sound occurs only while driving 75 mph plus with the windows closed and the a/c on, then that helps narrow the problem down.
Then maybe you can ask the dealer to simulate the conditions.

all right now i just want to add that i noticed it to happen most during daytime, the air conditioner is not affecting the sound, and it seems to come from inside of the car. But what i have noticed today is that when i open the windows while the sound is going, it actually stops and exactly when i roll down the left window…So could it be a seal issue? and how could it be fixed if so?

Thanks alot for the help!

Sounds like a seal issue. Now it would be the time to take a friend,that can hear, for a ride. Have them sit in each seat and see if they can determine which door or window it’s coming from. Also, you can try treating all the seals with Armor All and maybe they will soften up and seal again. Otherwise the offending seal will need to be replaced.