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High pitched squealing noise when hot?

Hi, yesterday in Australia it was really hot about 42 degrees. My car subaru forester 1999 was sitting in the heat all day so definitely way over 40 degrees. Recently I fixed and got 4 new break pads and rotars. Two minutes down the street my car started making the loudest high pitched squeal/squeak noise, sounded like metal grinding, it only happened while accelerating, not idle or reverse. None of the wheels were hot, nothing seemed to be overheating dramatically. Today is much cooler and I went for a quick test drive and absolutely no problems… Is there a chance the noise could of been because of the heat? Metal expanding or something? Im grasping at straws as this car was in the mechanic last week and I forked out $1500 so Im dreading if something goes wrong. Thanks!

Take it back to that shop and ask them to take a test drive w/you. Maybe they’ll be able to discover the problem. That sound is not normal, but doesn’t necessarily imply a major problem exists either. Unless you can provide more specific info, like what part of the car the sound is coming from, internet help will be marginal at best I expect. My Corolla doesn’t make any weird noises at 107 deg F is about all I can say, and that pretty much applies to any car. Squealing noises are often caused by drive belt problems, but usually they squeal when cold, and stop squealing when hot, so I doubt that’s the problem here. A faulty hvac blower can make a squealing noise too, but you should be able to test that theory by turning the AC off. Best of luck.

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Thanks, it sounded like it was coming from the front right wheel not the engine. Dont think it was a belt as it wasnt consistent and didnt make a sound when I started the car… hopefully it gets me to work!

In that case — since this occurred immediately after brake work — you need to take your car back to the shop that did the brakes asap and the right front wheel needs to be pulled and the brake components inspected. Does that wheel feel hotter than the other wheels after a drive? If so that must be addressed immediately. But be prepared for the shop saying it is not a problem. One time – years ago – I had brake work done on my truck by a shop, and the wheels were literally smoking after a short drive, brakes adjusted way too tightly. The shop said “smoking from the wheels ? this is normal”.

I think it was a drive belt. It can sound like metal on metal if it squeals, and it can be intermittent.

If I’m correct, you have one belt that drives everything. If the belt has any cracks in it, get it changed. Either way, have everything that it drives checked to make sure nothing is starting to seize.

You might just need your serpentine belt tightened if everything appears to be in good shape.