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Squealing 2003 Corolla--only when rolling

My 2003 model Toyota Corolla LE (~95,000 miles, 5-speed manual transmission) has recently started a high-pitched squeal when rolling. It does seem related to the speed I’m moving (faster oscillation at higher speeds); I’ve also noticed that if I touch the brake pedal, it STOPs, until I take my foot off the brake. Then the squeal comes right back.

It was there at both high & low speeds today (I only really noticed it once I opened the windows a bit & was going slower–but I drive with radio on so between that & engine/highway noise, probably obscured the squeal at highway speeds). Rolling into my neighborhood (30 mph or lower) it was REALLY loud–if I’d have seen anyone out walking, I’d have been embarrassed! ;-8

The tires are new as of June (= 4 months), so I don’t think the squeal is tire-related. The car has a timing CHAIN, not belt. What other belt(s) would this car have? Does this issue sound like a belt issue? What else might it be?

Most likely you need new front brakes. You are hearing the squealers that are small pieces of metal that touch the rotor when the pads wear down. The biggest clue is the sound stops when the brakes are applied. Head on over to your local independent mechanic and get a $ for new front pads

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Concur, first thing is to ask your shop to check the brakes, determine how much of the brake pad remains.

THanks, SteveCBT & George_San_Jose1 !
I’ll make that my next move, then! (I’d thought since the noise stopped when I applied brakes that meant it COULDN’T be the brakes . . . thought I’d hear a noise upon applying the brakes if they’re going, e.g.)–but since both of you are in agreement, I’ll ask the shop to check how much wear’s left on the brake pads + get pricing on new ones!

Best, --auntieduck (quaaaaccckckk!)

It’s a relatively inexpensive job for a shop to assess if the brake pads need replacing or not. Definitely worth doing w/these symptoms.

The noise usually stops when applying the brakes with wear indicator noise.