Toyota Camry Hybrid battery

Hmmm, repair & maintenance or Gen’l discussion:
This car was bought new 2008. All is well w/ everything. It’s a joy to drive. However, we were told last week, that since the car is 8 years old (or soon to be), we should worry about the hybrid battery failing and should consider a new car. So, that’s the question. Repair or replace?

The battery could last many more years, so what is there to repair? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But you can get it tested by a dealer, so you will be aware of it’s present state.

Some hybrids carry a 10 year 150k warranty on the hybrid battery, did you check on that?

from an internet search: “You’ll notice two things when it’s time for a new power pack: The engine will run almost constantly, even under light acceleration, and your fuel economy will drop off significantly. The good news is the car will still run with a bum battery, but a new one should keep your car running like new for years.”

@judski Who told you that you should consider replacing your car? I would bet it is,someone at the dealer. I don’t know about the battery in the Camry hybrid, but I have a good friend who has a 2005 Prius with 150,000 miles and has never had the battery replaced. I would bet the person giving this information really has no knowledge of how long the battery may last.

@Triedaq I concur; in taxi service (very severe application) these batteries easily last 300,000 miles and more.

Sounds like someone its trying to put a scare into OP. My advice is to is carry on and check the battery’s condition from time to time.

check this forum:

Basically they say the question is asked frequently, but rarely does someone have to replace the battery.

Sounds like someone is trying to get you to trade your car in for a new one.

We were told last week-someone said- I heard that I should–Posts appear with statements like this, it would be interesting to know who the statements came from.

Who(m)ever told you that is a moron in my book. Don’t listen to them.

Classifying salesmen with morons is an insult to morons…

I suspect whoever told OP to trade in the car . . . is planning to swoop in and buy that car, before it ever gets washed and put on the used car lot

I’ve seen this happen many times

Ulterior motives . . .

The Toyota hybrid batteries last a significant amount of time. I regularly service 1st gen hybrids that have 200k miles with the original battery. When the do fail it can be an expensive fix, but that cost will soon be reduced. Toyota dealers now have the equipment to replace single cells in the pack and properly recharge and balance the rebuilt pack. The cells are expected to be available in the next 6 months to a year.