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2007 Honda Civic Hybrid battery life

I have a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid with about 61k miles. I’m wondering what kind of battery life people experience with the hybrids. I’m 6 years into this and wonder how much longer I can expect before having to replace the batteries.

We have Civic Hybrids just like yours in our fleet. Many of them have already had the main battery packs replaced.

I don’t mean to imply that it will soon happen to you

I’m just giving you my observations

Honda hybrids seem to have more battery issues than Toyotas. But who can tell about your particular car?

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I agree with @texases

We also have Priuses in our fleet, and they haven’t needed battery packs yet

You are probably at the age to expect the battery to start failing, might not but if you need a replacement you can buy reman online and they can have one of their installers come swap the battery for you depending on where you live.

There are a number of Prius taxis in our area and many have already gone 300,000 miles or more on the original batteries. The operators have already saved enough money to replace the $3000 or so batteries several times.

Not sure how long those batteries in other hybrids will last.

Neighbor of mine has an 07 or maybe it’s an 08 Civic Hybrid. He still has the original battery. Last I knew he had about 130k miles on his Civic.

I looked and Honda warranty on the web for batteries, 3 year 36k, is that right for the hybrid, and replacement cost is $2k?

The battery warranty is 8 yr/100,000 miles. The Civic hybrid battery has been a real problem:

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This thread is old but I think it is still useful for many.
My 2007 Civic Hybrid started failing about 100K. The signs of failing hybrid battery pack are fast discharging and charging by the battery capacity indicator. You will also experience loss of power and drop in gas mileage. By that time, the IMA warranty had already expired. But after some persuasion, Honda agreed to replace the battery pack with a refurbished one for a mere $250 “insurance” fee. Honda knew that they had some bugs in their battery management software, but they also played nicely.
Fast forward 4 years, now my Civic has put on 50K miles on the refurbished battery pack. It started to show aging again. Now, there are plenty of refurbished battery pack offered by 3rd vendors for a little over $1000 with trade in. I consider that cost acceptable.

used to work at place that made custom adhesive assembly equipment. We made a system for Tesla. Whew. Long time ago. Their battery packs are much different design now. They had 1000 cells in each “blade” pack and had 7 blades total. They sent us several thousand batteries for mock up. Quite a few were left in our storage room. Yes, simple cells found in cordless drill packs. X7000