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Toyota Camry Hybrid battery life

What is the life expectancy of my TCH 2006 battery, and what is the cost to replace same. I have 68,000 miles on it with no problems.

Well it has a 8yr/100k warranty as I understand it, and in lab tests 150K doesn’t seem to be a problem. I read there is a member on a Prius forum who has 322,000 miles on his first gen Prius and is still going on the original, but I’m sure that’s unusual. Really depends how the car is used also.

I don’t think anyone knows yet. I appears to be something longer than they have been available for. Very few have needed replacement. Frankly I have been very impressed with the reliability of the technology. So much new and so few problems related to the new technology is a tribute to an industry, I don’t often praise. I am not sure I would buy one because I don’t see where they gain enough to make it worth while, but other than original cost, they have been good.

Any idea what it costs to replace the battery? Ive been told from 2500 to 9000. Trying to decide if best to sell now when they are in large demand, especially if I have to spend 9000 in the next 35000 miles or so. Any ideas/advice?

As far as cost is concerned, to paraphase the old hair coloring commercial, only your dealer knows for sure. This isn’t an item you’re going to pick up at your local parts store anytime soon. Call around to the service departments of all the Toyota dealers in your area.

And let us know what you find out.

It would be very unusual to have battery replacement come up in 35000 miles - latest indications is it’s a life of the car item.

It’s reasonable to hope for the same lifespan as the 2004-onwards Prius. Those HV batteries have been pretty darn good. There is even a recent Toyota press release (URL not handy but neither would it be hard to google) stating a 0.000-something failure rate. I think it was their first public disclosure of such data.

A good Toyota shop can test the voltage differences among modules during charge and discharge cycles. It won’t be free, but if this question is keeping you awake at night, it’s basically the only way to find out.

Never saw a price for a replacement battery for the TCH, however $9000 sounds…imaginary. By now somebody must have totaled one, which means there’s probably a used replacement floating around the salvage vehicle dismantler world. Most vehicle NiMH batteries pass through there on their way to…wherever they go. Many go to homebrew electric vehicles. A few went into Rensselaer’s electric airplane.


That guy with the Prius…his streak on the original battery came to an end at 349,000 miles…when the car was totaled in an accident!