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Toyota Camry 2000 Trunk open dashboard light &more

I’m trying to understand why my mechanic won’t replace the sensor in the trunk that shows the trunk is open. Is it hard? Or am is that not the problem? Here’s the story.

Last September, I was returning home from Burning Man. (yes that one, 80 miles north of Reno) I was in Elko, Nevada and I got on the road early, probably too early because I was still sleepy. I drove into my friendly MickyD’s and focusing on the entrance to the drive through, I drove over a concrete parking lot divider - kaboom! lots of noise but no problems - maximum embarrassment and a big wake up.

I was I was getting a BIG coffee and food, I noticed that the “trunk open” light (bottom left-looks like a backup light to me) was on, and then when I stepped on the brake, the “reverse” symbol on the dashboard would light up. About 2 miles later the ABS light went on. The next day the ABS light was off.

I’ve had the car checked twice by my friendly mechanic who finally decided that I should get a $350 part which controls the lights, etc. I decided against it for the moment.

Other info:

The reverse light is always on “very faintly”; when I press the brake the clock light fades a bit. The ABS occasionally goes on for a day or two.

I recently had noisy brakes checked and the mechanic said they blew them clean because of rust but otherwise they were fine. The next day the dashboard lights were FIXED!! This lasted about a week until I used the trunk and slammed it down too hard.

So what to do?

Well it’s been two years now. I’ve spent over $400 on this problem and nothing to show for it. No comments here either.