Trunk lock malfunctioning

I went out one day and suddenly without warning, I could not get my trunk to open. I tried the remote and could hear the electronic relay working, but the trunk lock would not release. I tried the inside release latch by my foot and it still did not release the trunk lock. I crawled into the trunk, removed the bolts and manually opened the lock. I worked the locking mechanism and put it back together. I tried the remote and it worked 2 times and then stopped working again. Is this just matter of the locking mechanism needing a little greasing or is it time to replace it?

It is time to determine what is actually preventing the lock from opening. We can’t diagnose that from here, we can only guess.

As a first step, if I couldn’t determine exactly what has failed, I’d grease it. Still not fixed? I’d consider replacing the latching assembly if it wasn’t too costly.

Now why did I type that? If that latch was, say $1000, and I replaced it and the problem was still there, I’d be pretty upset, right? $1000 spent for nothing because I didn’t identify the actual problem. I guessed at the solution. If the latch is $20, I would try it and not be too upset if it didn’t. If the repair is closer to $1000 I am going to take a lot more time to isolate the problem.

Considering you took it apart, reinstalled it and it worked, twice. I’d guess you greased it before reinstalling? Right? You didn’t say. If you did, then the grease helped but did not fix the problem. Replacement may be next.

Does the lock work any better if you push the trunk lid down or try to push it to the left or right when you’re unlocking it?

@ Mustang…No, i didn’t grease it. The weather was deteriorating on me quickly, so I just moved it manually and reinstalled it. @ Lion…it makes no difference if I push down on the truck or lift up on it while attempting to open it.

I had a similar problem on my 25 year old Corolla. Got started on a repair project only to discover I couldn’t open the hood. Pulled on the lever in the passenger compartment, no click like is usual. After some puzzlement finally got it to open by rigging a way to keep the lever in the passenger compartment pulled while I monkeyed with the latch, working from underneath the front of the car. I took it apart enogh to see what was wrong, just some parts sticking. I gave it a couple doses of WD 40, started working better. Then I applied a little light machine oil, and it’s been working like new since. One thing I learned from this experience is the hood latch should be lubed as part of routine maintenance. I’ll do it going forward every time I change the oil, along with the door latches and hinges, and from what you say, the trunk latch.

Not a toyota for the problem I addressed, but similar issue was a broken wire in the wires going through the flexible connection.

I’d try flushing it out with silicone lube and then grease it with silicone grease (available in any big-box plumbing department).

Post the results.

Is there a reason you didn’t try the key? Or is this Camry one of the newer ones with out a trunk key lock? If it does have a key lock check to see if it has been turned to “valet mode”. If the lock slot is horizontal it is. In valet mode and will not open with the remote, interior release or the valet key. You need the primary key to turn the lock 90 degrees clockwise to un-valet it. If you don’t kave the trunk key lock sorry for all the extra info.

This model does not have a spot for the key in the trunk. I had read about it possibly being in valet mode and looked for the spot for the key but was not able to find it.

@ George and Mountainbike…I will try cleaning/greasing it this weekend.