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Toyota Camry 2000 Keyless Entry Problems


I had a Toyota Camry 2000 with the manufacture Keyless Entry installed. Couple month ago, I had a problem with Lock/Unlock switch on the main control on the driver side. This manual switch does not work, however, I still able to lock my car with the keyless enty. Therefore, I leave it unfix. Now, the keyless entry is stop working. Is anyone know what kind a problem that is? I did replace the main window control panel on driver side but It does not fix the problems. So, If any one who had a solution to this, then please help me.


Have you replaced the battery in the remote key fob recently?

Yes, I did. I have two remote key, but both are not working. I just don’t understand why the manual Lock/Unlock switch had stopped work but the keyless remote still work. And now, the keyless remote is also stop working. Is there a keyless remote Module that I must replace ?