Toyota Avalon Power Windows


Got a problem. My 2001 Avalon power window on the rear driver side is operating by itself. Unless I have the master switch locked on the driver console, when i release it the window just goes to the down position. It won’t go back up no matter what I do. Normally within a few hours to a few days I can get it back up. I hear the solenoid clicking but the window won’t move. All the other windows work with no problem. Any suggestions?


I took a quick look at the power window wiring diagrams for my 97 Explorer.

If your Avalon is wired similiar theres a “one touch down relay” in the power window circuit.

Take a look at the fuse list in your owners manual, if you’re lucky the location of the relay will be given.

Then just swap this relay with another identical relay & see what it does.