Toyota 30k Service


Hi I have a 2006 Corolla S 5-speed.

I’m wondering if the $400, 30,000 mile service is actually worth the money? I have changed my oil regularly at 3k intervals.

How much of this is dealership profit making and what do I actually need? The 30k includes

Oil change

Tire rotation

Coolant and Transmission fluid replacement

Inspection (not State, just Toyota inspec)

Air and cabin filters

Throttle body service



I think the service should be done. However, you can tell your mechanic to do only those things you don’t do. For example, oil change and tire rotation can be DIY. The Toyota multi point inspection I skip at 30K because there is little to be found wrong. You can probably DIY air and cabin filter. Don’t remember that Toyota required a throttle body service on my Corollas, but it can be a DIY job also. I think coolant and trans fluid replacement is a good idea. What about brake fluid flush? That used to be on the list.


you can skip the tire rotation. I wouldn’t change the antifreeze or transmission before 60K or so. However, it is probably required for warranty, so get that done, although it may be cheaper not at a dealer (as long as you use Toyota fluids). Same with filters, probably cheaper elsewhere. Dunno on throttle body service, but is probably just cleaning.


brake fluid change is usually on a time basis, eg, every 2 years.


First a question for the OP:
Is the car still under warranty?

If the answer is yes, then you would be very foolish if you did not follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule that is sitting in your glove compartment. There is no need to follow the “enhanced” list that the dealer provides, but an owner who cannot prove that he adhered to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule will have a hard time getting warranty coverage in the event that repairs are needed.

And, even if the warranty coverage has expired, I believe that it is prudent to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Maintenance is almost always cheaper than repairs and proper maintenance can also lead to less chance of being stranded in an inconvenient location in the event of a breakdown.

However, as the old saying goes, “You pays your money and you takes your choice”, so the decision is entirely yours.