30k miles check-up...Regular of upgrade

My dealer offers various levels of a 30k check-up…the basic one is $199.99 and includes *Change Engine oil and Oil filter

*Replace Air filter

*Inspect Ball joints & dust covers

*Inspect Brake lines, hoses & connections

*Inspect Brake pads & linings

*Inspect Coolant

*Inspect Differential fluid

*Inspect boots & seals Drive axles

*Inspect Exhaust system

*Inspect Fuel filler cap

*Inspect Fuel system

*Inspect Steering gearbox

*Inspect Steering linkage

*Inspect Transmission fluid

*Rotate Wheels & tires

and the next one is $499.99 and include the above plus: Upgrade To Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

Exceeds requirements of today?s high-performance engines

Specially formulated for stop & go driving

Install Fuel System Treatment

Helps prevent combustion-chamber & intake valve deposit build-up

Clean Throttle Body

Cleans and removes carbon and resin deposits from throttle-body

Perform Battery Protection Service

Removes harmful corrosive build-up from battery and install battery terminal protectors

Clean & Adjust Rear Brakes / Parking Brake (if applicable)

Certified Vehicle Inspection

Head lights / Tail Lights / Turn Signals/ Brake Lights

Hazard & Dash Warning Lights / Check Horn Operation

Install & Refresh Windshield Washer Solvent if applicable

Top Off All Fluids As Necessary

Check For Manufacturer Service Campaigns

Check Tire Pressures & Tire Wear

Road Test Vehicle

…is the upgraded 30k check up worth the money?

No, and neither was the standard service worth the money. Check this, inspect that, all that stuff takes 10 minutes…

I agree w/Caddyman, dealers are making big money ‘upselling’ folks for unneeded services. Find yourself a good independent mechanic, he should be willing to do the 30k services for much less than the dealer. Just look in your owner’s manual and make a list of required work.

The 30k service on my wife’s 2006 Sienna will consist of an oil change by my local mechanic for $40. I know the the van will be looked over thoroughly and if anything needs fixing he’ll let me know. Most of the inspection items on the list you can do yourself for free.

I use the maintenance schedule in the Owner’s Manual and check the fluid levels (oil, trans, coolant, etc) and tire pressure between oil changes.

Take out your owner’s manual, see what actually needs to be done, and get a price on that.

Agree; at 30,000 miles very few engines need to be “cleaned out”. My Toyota 30,000 miles or so service includes replacing air filter, replace cabin air filter, and an oil & filter change. It also includes all fluid level inspections (checking). That’s the dealer’s list and it’s the same as in the manual.

An independent would likely do this for about $80 or so.

No to the upgrade. No to the $199 service as well.

Take it to a good independant shop. Get an oil change and filter. Get a new air filter. Have the transmission fluid changed (not flushed) with a new transmission filter. Will cost less than the dealer’s $199 and you’ll get more important items serviced, mainly your automatic transmission.

Every shop would inspect all the stuff as part of the normal process but bring the inspection list and ask them to check the same items for you.

I would suggest adding a ATF fluid change out if you have an auto trans. I think there is general consensus that changing out this fluid every 30K or so should be done, regardless of what the owner’s manual says.

You’re paying $200 for someone to change the oil, air filter and rotate tires. The inspection stuff should be done on normal, non-30k service, oil changes as well.

Find an independent mechanic (recommended by friends and family) and ask what the cost of the manufacturer’s 30,000 mile service is. I’d bet it’s about $60.

Agree. For about $40 I got the oil change, tire rotation, and inspection of all that other stuff plus a car wash. Way over priced.

Look at your owner’s manual and take that list to a local (not dealer not chain) mechanic and have the work done there. All the additional cost of the dealer’s deal is just dealer profit.