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Toyota Service

When I called to set up my 30,000 mile service (2006 Matrix), Toyota tried to sell me an additional fuel injection cleaning service at $110. Is this necessary? desirable? and if so, why?

Not at all necessary; today’s gasolines have enough cleaner in them to kep your sytem clean. Our Sentra with 115,000 miles on it runs great and has NEVER had this treatmnet. Your owner’s manual likely does not even mention it; go by the owner’s manual and tell the dealer you will go elswhere for the 30,000 mile service if he continues to push these unnecessary services.

If the dealer tries to rell you that you have to have the car serviced there to keep the warranty valid, tell him this is ILLEGAL under US consumer laws, and you will report him.

Anything not listed in the owner’s manual is not recommended (exception see below) The dealer is looking for ADP Additional Dealer Profit. You just posted about reason #12 Why you don’t want to take your car to the dealer for service. Find a good, local independent mechanic that will not try those tricks on you. Dealers are no better (or worse) than independents, but the independents are almost always less expensive.

The one exception I would list is a change of the automatic transmission fluid every 30-50,000 miles. That would be a change along with dropping the pan and filter cleaning. It seems a lot of manufacturers are not listing this and they should. Other than that, you can bet if it is not in the book, they are not the people you want working on your car.

Note: Those quick oil change places are far worse.

Toyota dealer is trying to make a buck at your expense. They tried to sell me 4 plastic wheel covers for my 4Runner for $80 EACH. Isuzu covers from J yard at $5 work just as well. They scared my wife into a $500 REAR brake job when she went in for a tire rotation at 34K miles. I had my cell turned off to save the batteries and she couldn’t reach me; an expensive decision.

The key…does your owners manual recommend it ? It doesn’t for my Toyotas.
But don’t blame them…it’s a business like any other that often becomes successful on the backs of the less informed. Buyer beware !

That’s why Toyotas can be MORE expensive to own than less reliable cars due to these practices.

Thanks much. I will.

Thanks. I appreciate your help. I will look for an independent mechanic.

This seems to be the consensus. Thank you.

Neither necessary nor desirable. Read the maintenance schedule that came with your owner’s manual. It will tell you what your car needs. If you find “fuel injection cleaning,” I’ll pay for it.

The dealer makes money selling unnecessary “services.” Don’t fall for them.