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$600 30K Toyota Service

Yes, my dealer wants $600 for the 30K service.

Basically, an overgrown oil change + injector cleaning + air cleaner elements + replace fluids

(Out of the generosity of their hearts, they will do throw in a free future oil change . . .)

It’s a 2007 Corolla with approx. 31K miles on it. As you see, I mainly do city driving. Is this necessary . . . or am I assisting in making my dealer’s boat payment?

Thanks in advance!

Look in manual compare what is REQUIRED in your owners manual vs what the dealer recommends. I have a feeling there is more work being done at dealer suggestion and you can ask for manual requirements instead of dealer extras.

Alternatively find an independent for another quote of what is REQUIRED.

31 K isn’t much at all.
You can change an air filter yourself any time.
An oil change and a fuel filter are about all it “needs”.
Everything else is check & inspect.

You don’t need injector cleaning unless you are having running and idling troubles.

The owner’s manual will tell any indy tech what Toyota expects at this point.

The list of maintenance services is spelled out only in a general way so it’s impossible to say if the price is overblown or not or whether you’re being sold something you do not need.

The car is 4 years old and as per your quote it’s mainly city driving so this means the car has seen severe use.

I would carefully read what’s actually required in the owners manual. Then I’d add a transimission fluid drain and fill and a brake fluid replacement, if they haven’t been done. You don’t need the dealer to do this, find a good independent shop.