Toyota 2002 transmission Problem

My toyota Rav4 2002 Model for some time now have been having the following issues:

  1. When set to drive, it engages, and then takes about 5-7 minute before it will start moving.
  2. When set to reverse, it engages instantly but wont move. No matter how hard i accelerate, it just stays.
    Please help with potential issues and how to fix.

I have had several auto mechanics have a look and most are saying its a gear problem.

You need to have better mechanics look at this. What is the level of the transmission fluid? If low add the proper type of fluid, listed in the owners manual. What color is the fluid? If pink that is a good sign. I suspect if the level is normal the fluid will be brown with a burnt smell. Get the Rav towed to a competent mechanic , not the folks who already looked at it-they are not competent.


Assuming the fluid level is correct, I suggest taking this car to a good independent transmission shop (not a national chain).


It probably needs the transmission replaced.